50 Top pizza: the best pizzerias in Italy 2021

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The first place remains his: Francesco Martucci of I Masanielli di Caserta makes the best pizza in Italy and in the world. Apart from this – waiting, for the insiders – confirms, on the podium of 50 Top Pizza, the world championship dedicated to the most loved dish, everything has changed: together with Martucci they go up for the first time Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria Naples (in twentieth place in 2020) and third Seu Pizza Illuminati in Rome (seventh place in 2020 in the past edition).

A ranking but also a free online guide, 50 Top Pizza was born in 2017 from an idea of ​​the experts Barbara Guerra, Luciano Pignataro and Albert Sapere and by now it is a reference in the sector that during the year tells the changes underway in the world of pizzerias with constantly updated lists divided by categories (among the latest the take-away pizzas or the best artisanal ones).

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All with an involving selection method a network of more than a thousand inspectors between Italy and abroad, which they select and then visit by paying and in anonymity pizzerias to be able to evaluate them on the basis of the goodness of the pizza, its digestibility, the ability of the pizza chef to make it unique, and then the environment, service, wines and beers to match. Based on the score, each venue is assigned a place in the standings, in addition to any special awards.

This year’s scores have evidently overturned everything and so on fourth place in the 50 Top Pizza 2021 is I Tigli di San Bonifacio (Verona), fifth (off the podium for the first time) Pepe in Grani di Caiazzo (Caserta), sixth place for 50 Kalò of Naples, seventh Francesco & Salvatore Salvo of Naples, eighth Dry Milano, ninth for La Notizia 94 in Naples, tenth for Le Grotticelle di Caggiano (Salerno).

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Here are the pizzerias from position 11 to 50: I Masanielli di Sasà Martucci in Caserta, 180g Pizzeria Romana in Rome, Crosta in Milan, Carlo Sammarco Pizzeria 2.0 in Frattamaggiore (Naples), Pupillo Pura Pizza in Frosinone (where Luca Mastracci also won the Young Pizza Maker of the Year award), Qvinto in Rome (his capricious is the Pizza of the Year), La Cascina dei Sapori in Rezzato (Brescia), ‘O Scugnizzo in Arezzo, I Quintili in Rome, Apogeo in Pietrasanta (Lucca), 400 degrees in Lecce, Patrick Ricci with Earth, Grains, Explorations in San Mauro Torinese, Pizzeria Da Ezio in Alano di Piave (Belluno), Pizzeria Panetteria Bosco in Tempio Pausania (Sassari), Le Follie di Romualdo in Florence, Fandango in Potenza, Grigoris in Mestre ( VE), Giangi Pizza and Research in Arielli (Chieti), Pizzeria Da Lioniello in Succivo (Caserta), Enosteria Lipen in Triuggio (Monza), Food Workshops in Sarzana (Spezia), Antica Friggitoria Masardona Rome (awarded as Pizzeria News of the Year), Sirani in Bagnolo Mella (Brescia), L’Orso in Messina, Sbanco in Rome, Wheat in Acireale (Catania), Framento in Cagliari, Divine Taste in Saluzzo (Cuneo), Giotto Pizzeria Bistrot in Florence, Giovanni Santarpia in Florence, Pompetti mixers in Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo), Pizzeria Mamma Rosa in Ortezzano (Fermo), I Fontana in Somma Vesuviana (Naples), BOB Alchimia in wedges in Montepaone Lido (Catanzaro) , Pizzeria Gigi Pipa in Este (Padua), I Borboni Pizzeria in Pontecagnano (Salerno), Sant’Isidoro Pizza & Bolle in Rome, La Contrada in Aversa (Caserta), La Braciera in Palermo, Piccola Piedigrotta in Reggio Emilia.

Among other special awards stands out the “Forno Verde”, novelty of the year assigned to places that stand out for sustainability, ranging from Le Grotticelle di Caggiano (Salerno), to Pupillo Pura Pizza in Frosinone, Pizzeria da Ezio in Alano di Piave (BL) and Fandango in Potenza. 50 Top also awarded as always international awards, which reward the best in the world: Best in Japan 2021 goes to Pizzeria Peppe Napoli sta ‘ca “in Tokyo, Best in Oceania 2021 at 48h Pizza and Gnocchi Bar in Melbourne, Best in Africa 2021 at Massimo’s in Cape Town, South Africa, Best in Dubai 2021 at Il Café, Dubai, e Best Neapolitan Pizza outside Italy 2021 a Pizzeria Peppe – Napoli sta’ ca’ a Tokyo. In the gallery above the photos of the top 10 pizza chefs in the ranking

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