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70-year-old has eaten over 34,000 burgers and has no cholesterol – 'Many thought I would die' says

A man managed to eat more than 34,000 Big Macs from McDonald's in his life and even breaking his own record.

Don Gorske, 70, grew his Guinness World Records legend for most burger Big Macs ever eaten by someone, as he ate 728 additional Big Macs during 2023. He has now consumed a total of 34,128 Big Macs.

“People who have watched me eat a Big Mac often comment that I look like I'm eating one for the first time,” Gorske said.

A Big Mac, which consists of two beef patties, Big Mac sauce, pickles, lettuce, onion and American cheese, on a sesame seed bun contains 590 calories.
Amazingly, the retired prison officer had no health problems from eating all those burgers.

“A lot of people thought I'd be dead by now, but instead I'm a record holder for 24 years, one of the longest Guinness record holders, so that's really cool for me,” he said.

“Out of respect for my mother, from 1973 to 1981, I ate one non-Big Mac meal a day because she was concerned about my health. On April 1, 1981, he allowed me to break that promise when he said, “since you haven't been killed yet, go ahead.”

To stay healthy, he walked six miles a day and didn't eat the fries that came with his order.

“I am as healthy as a horse. I weigh 86 pounds and my cholesterol is 165,” Gorske, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, told The Post in 2018.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, levels under 200 are considered good levels cholesterol.

Gorske first won the Guinness World Records title in 1999.

He ate his first Big Mac almost 52 years ago in May 1972 and hasn't looked back.
“At that point, I was like, 'I'm probably going to eat these for the rest of my life.' I threw the cartons in the back seat and started counting them from day one,” he told Guinness World Records.

Since that life-changing day, Gorske has kept a record of every Big Mac he's eaten, even keeping all the boxes and receipts.

He's so well known at his local McDonald's that they even have a picture of him on the wall, and he even proposed to his wife Mary in the parking lot.

Gorske started out eating nine Big Macs a day, but has now cut back to two: one for lunch and one for dinner.

Since retiring he stopped driving to McDonald's every day and instead buys them in batches twice a week. According to the record keeping company, Gorske will eat a fresh Big Mac when he gets his order and bake the rest at home when he's hungry.

Gorske skips breakfast and, apart from Big Macs, eats only small snacks in the evening, such as ice cream, fruit bars or chips. He also loves lobster, but hasn't eaten it in over 28 years.

Gorske's nutritional exploits were featured in the 2004 Morgan Spurlock documentary Super Size Me.

Source: News Beast

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