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Married at First Sight 12: here's who the protagonists are (and there's some news)

Punctual like every year, Marriage at first sight returns, first in preview on Discovery+ and then free-to-air on Real Time, with three new couples so hungry for love that they agree to get married in the dark, trusting that fate has chosen the ideal partner for them. The departure date is set for March 6, when the experts – always them – Nada Loffredi, Mario Abis and Andrea Favaretto will communicate to lucky singles that they have been selected to take part in a very special social experiment which, due to its bizarreness and courage, has managed to easily win the hearts of Italians. The most loyal fans of Marriage at first sight However, they will soon discover that something is different this time around. Together with the average age of the candidates, decidedly higher than that of past editions – the oldest single is 48 years old -, these new episodes also open the doors to candidates with children and with failed marriages behind thema way like any other to keep attention alive towards a format that has made tradition its trademark.

While waiting to find out what this edition will give us, it's time to get to know the you are single of this edition, with the hope that they live Marriage at first sight more to find love than to get a certain media visibility which, once the spotlight turns off, could benefit them in the future and in their bottom line.

Enrico Bonechi

43 years old from Pistoia. Immediately after graduating in accounting, he began his career in banking which he has never abandoned after 20 years. Sporty boy who loves the gym, running and everything new, in his free time he doesn't give up going out with friends. Unfortunately, he recently lost his father, in the family he has a beautiful relationship with his mother, brother and niece.

Ilaria Spillari

Married at First Sight 12 here's who the protagonists are

41 years old from Milan. Marketing consultant and Siberian cat breeder. In her free time she divides her time between her pets, her friends and volleyball. Ilaria's parents have been separated for many years, but she has an excellent relationship with both. In the family she is very close to her sister.

Giuseppe Ravetti

Married at First Sight 12 here's who the protagonists are

45 years old from Alessandria. President of a day center for the disabled, he is also active in many volunteer activities. Between work and social life, there are many commitments, but he does not give up his passions for football and being a speaker on a local radio station. With a divorce behind him, Giuseppe does not give up his search for love. He is very close to his mother and brother.

Benedetta Campigli

Married at First Sight 12 here's who the protagonists are

34 years old from Lamporecchio in the province of Pistoia. She is the manager of a store for a sporting goods chain, a job that she loves and which has recently allowed her to buy a house of which she is very proud. Raised in a close-knit family where displays of affection are not very frequent, and with two sisters much older than her, Benedetta has a passion for travel, skiing and volleyball.

Roberto Caruso

Married at First Sight 12 here's who the protagonists are

48 years old from Campiglione fenile in the province of Turin but with Calabrian origins. Manager in the automotive field, he deals with prototypes and quality control. He has a 21-year-old son with whom he shares a passion for the gym. He likes to keep fit and takes great care of his diet.

Stefania Gioachin

Married at First Sight 12 here's who the protagonists are

36 years old from Crugliasco in the province of Turin. Having recently taken on a new work experience as a receptionist in a hotel, Stefania loves being in the company of her friends in her free time. She dreams of creating a united and happy family like the one in which she grew up: she has an older sister and two 14-year-old twin nephews and in her father's eyes she is a model of man. Her mother recently passed away.

Source: Vanity Fair

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