8 styles of nail art for when you don’t know what design to ask the manicurist

8 styles of nail art for when you don’t know what design to ask the manicurist

Although wine-toned colors will always be in style this season, why not try something new and original this year? An unconventional twist but one that looks amazing on your nails, with bright colors, unique designs and combinations that will turn heads at all times.

If you are one of those who always takes at least 10 minutes to decide how you want the manicurist to fix your nails, these 8 styles in trend this season will be the perfect guide to leaving your hands looking incredible, whether with acrylic, false or gelish.

1. French manicure

It’s true, the French manicure is still in fashion. Give it a fresh and fun touch by swapping the classic white linear for warm, deep tones, with not-so-straight shapes and a glossy finish.

2. Mix and match

This is for the girls who love to play with different colors and designs on each nail, regardless of whether or not they agree with your outfit. The fun and relaxed style of this type of manicure will make your hands the main focus.

3. Tortoiseshell nails

One of the strongest trends this autumn-winter season has been the tortoiseshell style or tortoiseshell, which mimics the intricate and beautiful designs that exist in nature, specifically in the shells of turtles.

4. Warm flowers

What better than earth-toned flowers to represent fall? They are beautiful, different, feminine and will combine perfectly with any outfit you decide to wear on these cold days, coffee and bonfires with friends.

5. Seventies waves

Decorate your nails with curved lines in mocha, chocolate and coffee tones, giving it a touch of shine or a matte finish, depending on what you like the most, and highlighting the earth tones of autumn and winter.

6. Tartan print

Just like your boyfriend’s shirt that you like so much and that he always wears this season, tartan nails are starting to be very popular, especially because you can combine your favorite colors within the design.

7. Elegant marble

In addition to the fact that this style will make your nails stand out, it is the perfect option for girls who are always in the office or in important meetings, since although it is striking, it combines neutral colors, chic and elegant.

8. Golden Goddess

This is probably the favorite style of girls who love to combine all their accessories. Gold nails will be the perfect complement to your monochrome fall ensembles in dark tones with gold jewelry.