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9-year-old girl who her father considered dead is among the hostages released by Hamas

Thomas Hand thought his daughter Emily Hand was killed in the Hamas attacks on October 7, but she is listed among the Israeli hostages released by Hamas on Saturday night (25).

Hand, who told Clarissa Ward of CNN about the news before it was officially announced by Israel, said he was taking his 9-year-old daughter’s dog, Johnny, to Israel. He said he planned to meet Emily there when the Red Cross convoy arrived.

Hand said he is living in a period of anguish and hope.

Initially, he was told that Emily had died. Weeks later, Israeli authorities told him they were not sure if Emily was killed, as they had not located her body and found no blood in the house where she slept.

She completed 9 years in captivity, said Hand, who is a single father after his wife died of cancer a few years ago.

He told CNN on Saturday that he hopes this is the first step towards Emily’s recovery and is aware of the long road ahead of her to heal after being in captivity for nearly 50 days.

Source: CNN Brasil

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