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Israel releases 39 Palestinians this Saturday as part of agreement with Hamas

The Israeli government released 39 Palestinians who were detained as part of the agreement reached with Hamas, after the radical Islamic group released 17 hostages, this Saturday (25).

The Israel Prison Service confirmed that all had left their places of incarceration — Damon and Megiddo prisons in Israel, and Ofer prison in the West Bank.

Of these, 33 are teenagers and six are women.

Based on information from the Israel Prison Service and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, an NGO that promotes prisoners’ rights, the CNN found that 15 of those released were serving sentences, mainly for attacks on Israelis.

The other 24 were held in so-called administrative detention, meaning they were detained without knowledge of any charges against them and without any legal process.

Three boys were shot and injured near Ofer prison early Saturday evening, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

A team from CNN about 200 meters from the prison in Israel witnessed many Palestinians waiting for prisoners. The team heard three gunshots over the course of an hour and saw three boys being carried out on a stretcher.

The Red Crescent said two of the victims were 17 years old and one was 16. CNN has contacted the Israel Border Police for comment.

Hamas releases 17 hostages

After a standoff this Saturday, Hamas released 13 Israeli hostages and four foreigners, according to Qatar. The group of 17 people has already arrived in Israel, the government said.

First, the Red Cross confirmed that the second group of freed hostages was on its way to the Rafah crossing, on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Also according to Qatar, 13 Israeli hostages and four Thai foreigners were released. Among the Israelis are five women and eight children.

The release of hostages resumed after Israel and Hamas resolved impasses and disputes over terms were agreed, Qatar said on Saturday (25). Hamas had postponed the handover of the second group of hostages this morning after accusing Israel of preventing humanitarian aid from entering the Gaza Strip.

The measure comes amid an agreement between Israel and Hamas, which provides for a four-day truce in fighting in Gaza.

Another 24 hostages had been released by Hamas this Friday (24). In exchange, the Israeli government released 39 Palestinian prisoners, according to the Israel Prison Service.

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*With reporters Abeer Salman, Kareem El Damanhoury and Tamar Michaelis, from CNN International

Source: CNN Brasil

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