90-year-old sisters meet again after a year without seeing each other

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Meeting someone we love again is always comforting, especially if that person is your sister, whom you have not seen for more than a year due to the health crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

This seems like an intro for a drama, but it is a true story that is already moving in social networks and is carried out by two women of 90 and 92 years, who despite everything, maintain their brotherhood to the fullest.

90-year-old sisters meet again after a year if

The reunion of the sisters was recorded on video and was shared on TikTok by Jaqueline Olivarez, granddaughter of one of the ladies.

Jaqueline says that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the women decided to stay isolated in their respective homes to avoid any contagion. Although they could communicate by video calls, both were eager to hug each other and share some anecdotes. Furthermore, they lived in constant fear of never seeing each other again. That is why their reunion was so emotional.


how little I have left to remember my dad ♥ ️ I love you grandma 👵 #grandma #re-encounter #covid

♬ original sound – Jacqueline Olivarez

Oh little sister! I saw you again, right? (…) How great is God.

The moment was full of tears and hugs, which moved thousands of Internet users, as these sisters remind us that true love does not always come from a couple, but from our family.

Let’s hope that the battle against covid-19 will soon come to an end and that more families can come together in an immense and unconditional hug.

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