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A 12-year-old girl threatened other children with a knife at a playground in Germany

A 12-year-old girl threatened a younger girl with a knife at a playground in Oberhausen-Osterfeld. The police had to fire two warning shots in order to disarm him. According to information from BILD, the 12-year-old had an argument with a girl on the playground and then took out a knife and threatened her with it. Some teenagers who were at the scene tried to calm the situation and finally called the police. The police asked the girl to drop the knife, but she turned it on them and then ran into a gun. Then they fired into the air and, while the girl was abstracted, a bystander managed to disarm her. A 13-year-old boy who had previously attempted to intervene suffered a minor hand injury. According to the newspaper, the 12-year-old is facing psychological problems and was transferred to a psychiatric clinic. Source: RES
Source: News Beast

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