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Nancy Pelosi calls on Biden to decide whether to remain a candidate – ‘Time is running out’

“Time is pressing.” Former House Speaker and top Democratic Party official Nancy Pelosi said today that it is up to President Joe Biden to decide whether to stay in the race for the November presidential election after doubts are being expressed about state of his health. After his disastrous performance in June’s telefight with Donald Trump, Biden has repeatedly reiterated that he will remain the nominee of the Democratic party, which, however, appears divided. Pelosi, who remains a major influence in the party, has already said it is “legitimate” to wonder about the president’s health and hinted today that she could decide to retire. “It’s up to the president to decide whether to run,” he told MSNBC. “We are all urging him to make a decision because time is running out.” She, for her part, did not take a position: “I want him to do what he will […]
Source: News Beast

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