A 23-year-old explains how she managed while she was penniless with 2 jobs to have an income of 120,000 per year

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Tired of doing a boring 9-5 office job and not having enough money to pay your bills? A woman shares in TikTok her story of how she “retired” at just 23 years old. Yes, you read that right. He no longer works full time and produces six-digit numbers a year.

Alejandra Velasquez shares her tips if you want someone to be as successful as she is on her popular social media account.

From troubled and miserable, who worked two jobs and dropped out of college, he made $ 10,000 a month as an investor and businessman.

“I’m tired of being broken up and doing two jobs”

She explained to the Sun: “A year ago I decided that I would not go to college again or work for anyone else. I’m tired of being disbanded and doing two jobs. I took a risk and started my internet business with the 1,500 I had on hand.

He says he started investing and collaborating with marketing. “Six months later I became a ‘six-figure’ with seven sources of income. I became my own boss and started helping other girls do the same.

But how did the young woman manage

Alejandra says the only thing that makes young people rich is cryptocurrencies.

Explains: “cryptocurrencies, affiliate marketing, binary transactions, Instagram development, Forex and stocks”. For those looking for a more flexible source of income, Alejandra explains how to make $ 10,000 a month. “Start an online business.

“Get a mentor who has what you want and learn from him. This is the life I built for myself at my own risk. “

Alejandra has made many TikTok videos about her success and has done one that answers frequently asked questions as a woman with a six-figure income with an online business.

A common question is: “Is your business a scam?” in which Alejandra said: “No, we are negotiating publicly in the market”.

Other people have asked, “Did you have to invest or is it free?”, To which Alejandra states: “Invest. You need money to make money. “

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