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“A blood test was enough to save Michele Merlo”: the outburst of father Domenico

Witnessing the loss of your child helplessly is a pain that is impossible to dispose of, especially when you are quite sure that extra attention would have been enough to avert the worst. Domenico Merlo, the father of Michele Merlo, the popular singer of Friends died on June 3, 2021 due to a cerebral hemorrhage due to a fulminant leukemia that no doctor was able to identify in time. “A blood test was enough to save him. But I’m not angry with human error, but with a system that doesn’t work “, Domenico said almost a year after leaving Michele a very true.

«I do not expect anything from justice and I do not condemn human error, even if it has devastated my life. My general practitioner has remained the same », Domenico reiterated before retracing the relationship with his son, who died at the age of 28 and with his whole life ahead of him. “With my son I was a bit hard because I come from a military career, but despite everything he listened to my advice. With his mother, on the other hand, he opened up a lot, he also told her about the most intimate things “, explains Merlo, convinced that it would take little to save Michele Merlo’s life: attention and care by the health system which, in his opinion , are totally missing.

“What happened to him is the result of a sanity that no longer works. The system has undergone major cuts and this continually leads to dramatic situations. The medical examiners say a blood test was enough to save him. He had a 77% to 89% chance of being cured of leukemia in about six months “Domenico concluded. Nothing – we know – will ever give him back his son, and it is normal for the anger to be great. Especially when you are convinced that rewinding the tape would take so little.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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