A Bus Driver’s Success – Surprise – The music video for his smashing job song

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A grandfather in Britain he has gained fans as far away as India, where he left two decades ago, with his video clip about his life as a bus driver in the West Midlands. The song titled ‘Bus Driver’ features Ranjit Singh Veer, with his white beard, turban and yellow waistcoat.

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In the video clip, the 59-year-old walks the streets and dances in a bus parking lot. The video was posted last fall on YouTube, without initially causing a stir. But his views skyrocketed when the BBC played a clip of his song last week, according to the New York Times.

“I’m surprised by the reaction, I never expected to go viral,” he said this week, speaking in Punjabi through an interpreter, his son, Hardeep Singh. “I think people enjoy the happy nature of the song as well as its messages.”

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The lyrics, in Punjabi language with English subtitles, talks about the camaraderie of drivers from different religious backgrounds.

“With our honest laboring hands,” he sings with his arms outstretched, “we drive the buses. By the grace of our God, we drive the buses on our different tracks.”

In the video Singh dances bhangra, a traditional Punjabi dance, along with other drivers at the bus park.

Source: News Beast

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