A Dakar dentist poisoned his three young children and committed suicide

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A macabre piece of news dominated the media over the weekend Senegal for a doctor from Dakar, in the process of issuing a divorce, who allegedly poisoned his three children before committing suicide in his clinic.

Cases of violence against children, caused by parental separation, are rarely reported in this country. West Africa. In addition to the appalling nature of this incident, the act of the father and the social background of the parents contributed to the newspapers making the front page of this case.

The father, a dentist by profession, gave a lethal injection to his three children – a boy and two little girls – before committing suicide by cutting his veins, the newspapers reported.

In the process of divorcing, he shared custody of the children with his gynecological wife and watched his children on the weekends, according to media reports. On Saturday he went and picked up his children from their mother’s house before ending their lives and his own at his clinic in Dakar, stressed newspapers.

The bodies were found Sunday and taken to hospital for an autopsy, they said.

Asked today, the police spokesman Muhammad Giege did not give details of the case. “We are in the research phase. “In cases of homicide, we are launching an investigation,” he said.

The dentist left behind a ten-page suicide note addressed to his wife, according to the press, with a variety of media outlets publishing the entire note.

The dentist said he did not want “offspring from a loveless marriage”.

“You told me you ‘thought of all the possible scenarios’ obviously, there is one that escaped you,” he wrote.

In a press release, the Media Ethics and Professional Conduct Council called on journalists to be “more vigilant” and to ensure “compliance with ethical and ethical rules in image processing”.

Nevertheless, the media published the photos of the three children.

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