A day in the World Championship saying goodbye to Valentino Rossi

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It is true. It wasn’t a race like any other. It was the last in Italy of Valentino Rossi. The yellow, which has prevailed in the world championship for more than twenty years, this time was practically the only color in Misano Adriatico. Perhaps, however, it is almost better that this is the MotoGP race to follow closely because you feel the atmosphere even more Vera Spadini, Sky Sport correspondent, he says as typical of the world of motorcycles. «The feeling is that of being part of a” big town “that moves as a whole. It may be for travel or for the time we spend together, but there is a complicity that I have rarely found in other sports. Everyone is part of a project, and everyone contributes to make the show as enjoyable as possible. From our point of view, this translates into great availability and a spirit of collaboration. And I must add that thanks to this real, profound relationships are created which, personally, have enriched me a lot ».


Up close, the World Championship is noisier and more colorful than imagined and not only for the yellow livery of the riders and bikes of the Sky Racing Team VR46. The bikes are brilliant and everything around is cheerful. «My advice for enjoying the races so closely is… Breathe. Breathe the environment, the unique climate that is created in a place where passion is the engine of everyday life, and the happiness of being there is the motivation for work. I recommend talking as much as possible with the people who are the soul of this world, each in his or her role, and observing the rituals that enhance the genuine beauty of this sport. In short, indulge in a sort of emotional synaesthesia ».

The best moment? Easy answer. “I love the moment before the race, that chaotic tension that shakes the starting grid, in contrast with the concentration of the drivers, and the excitement of the start. Each time it is as if it were the first ».

What a Valentino Rossi story!

Even the day is always the same. Wake up early, as for those who have to take a seat in the stands. You must be ready for the live broadcasts, the spaces between one commentary and the other and, at the end of the day, the Paddock Live Show, the moment of deepening, on Friday and Saturday. «At the end of the live shows I always try to do a little chat off records with the drivers, team managers, mechanics, in short, all the “inhabitants” of the Paddock. Dinner almost always on the circuit, at Severino’s or in some hospitality, and to bed early. Sunday, which is the highlight, starts a little before and immediately after the MotoGP race a longer live begins: Zona Rossa, where we host many riders and Ultimo Giro, the space dedicated to fans who follow us from home ” .

In pre-Covid times, there was an aperitif. There are now more checks and swabs. However, there are constants. If you don’t have an engine, intended as a moped, to get around. Comfortable walking shoes for everyone. They are valid on the sunny day when Valentino greets his audience. «There are those who do not remember the World Championship without Valentino Rossi», says Vera Spadini, «exand the announcement of the farewell in August was a heavy rock, but somehow digested, passed, this is the moment of realization. Valentino puts irony, sympathy and joy in the anguish of farewell, but I find it difficult to imagine not meeting him and his team anymore because two laughs always make you laugh ».

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