A European like this has never been seen before: everything is ready for the strangest tournament ever

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From 11 June, with the inaugural Italy-Turkey match at the Olimpico in Rome, until 11 July, the day of the final in the Wembley theater, we will see a European that we have never seen, a special tournament, anomalous and for the first time time in traveling history, located in 11 cities ideally joined by virtual bridges to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Delaunay Cup, it is named in honor of the French leader who conceived it, and to return the shared idea of ​​Europe.

First of all it must be said that the tournament has been postponed for a year, due to Covid-19; but unlike the Olympics, which kept the name Tokyo 2020 for merchandising reasons, it will be called Euro 2021, the first in history to be played in an odd year.

The European will have to follow a precise health protocol. A few weeks ago the green light arrived in the presence of the fans, who will cover up to 25% of the capacity. We will attend matches in semi-empty or semi-full stadiums, it depends on the perspective in which the issue is considered, and the loss deriving from sports tourism has already been identified: over 200 million.

24 participating teams, 11 host nations, 51 scheduled matches. Ireland, the 12th organizing nation, has given up due to the pandemic. Here is the list of the eleven host cities: Amsterdam (Holland), Baku (Azerbaijan), Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Copenhagen (Denmark), Glasgow (Scotland), London (England), Munich (Germany), Rome (Italy), St. Petersburg (Russia) inserted in the place of Dublin and finally Seville (Spain), which took the place of Bilbao, which could not guarantee an audience in the stands.

The Azzurri of CT Roberto Mancini will play all three matches at the Olimpico in Rome group stage: June 11 against Turkey, June 16 against Switzerland and June 20 against Wales. Another match will also be played at the Olimpico: the quarter-final on 3 July. The reigning champions to beat are Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portuguese, who defeated host country France in the 2016 final.

Bookmakers give France and England favorites, with Belgium possible surprise. Italy is considered a second-tier team, on a par with Germany and Spain. And finally: Martin Garrix, the most famous DJ in the world famous for his dance music, with Bono and The Edge of U2 they signed the anthem of the tournament, We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting.

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