A father drove 320 km to save his daughter and finally asked for help himself

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A father drove 320 kilometers in conditions blizzard to save his daughter, however, he ended up asking for help himself.

The experienced hiker took his car overnight and traveled from it Cardiff of Wales in the Snowdonia Mountains, in the northeast of the country, where his 22-year-old daughter had gone camping.

However, the heavy snow and the bad weather conditions forced him to stop and realize that he urgently needed help. He could not find his daughter, but both were rescued by the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team.

The little one had camped on a mountain peak, but the weather changed abruptly with heavy snowfall and strong winds.

Rescuers told the BBC that the tent camp was swept away by the air and she called her father for help. He did not think about it a second time, took the car from Cardiff and drove 320 kilometers in the dense darkness.

While he was climbing the mountain, the daughter managed to get out on the country road. “In such circumstances, they obviously passed each other like ships at night,” said Chris Lloyd of the rescue team.

“He had gone high when he realized it would be a much bigger challenge.” The incident ended with the daughter back in the safety of her car and the father in danger at Mountain.

Eight men mobilized and found the father on the way back from the top of the mountain.

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