A little shirt and a little pajamas, the perfect look for smartwork

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It is a kind of hybrid between a work dress it’s a pajamas and is perfect for any Zoom call. Is called WFH Jammies and has a very simple concept: «business on the top, loungewear on the bottom». In fact, how many of you have wondered at least once how to dress for meetings on online platforms since when has smartworking become our daily life? We bet in many.

And it is precisely from this starting point that the Japanese designer Taichi Ito of the agency Whatever Inc. had an epiphany: to create a garment that was comodo but at the same time suitable for the working needs of all those who work – and who knows for how long – remotely. No sooner said than done.
Work From Home Jammies it looks like a cotton shirt at the top, that is the one visible on the computer screen, and resembles a sweatshirt in the lower half. It is available in different palettes and patterns, striped, polka dot, and is perfect for both him and her. After Ito designed the prototype, he arrived to take care of the design and production of the garments Akihiko Kimura, the designer of the Japanese fashion brand LOKITHO. The price? 9,900 yen, or about 77 euros.

The Zoom-era literally swept away the idea of ​​formal dress codes. Do you think that online searches – and consequently sales – of work clothes have decreased by 34%, while those of sweatpants have increased by 108%, according to digitaloft. So the fashion brands just have to adapt and try to foresee the needs and the acrobatic changes of the workers in the new normal. There are those who say that solutions such as WFH Jammies will proliferate even once we have left the coronavirus behind, others who shy away from the idea by labeling it as uncool. We make ourselves comfortable and, from behind our computer screens, we will see.

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