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“A miracle happened”, says president of OAB-ES after plane crash landing

José Carlos Rizk Filho, president of OAB-ES, reported on his social media the moments of tension experienced during the forced landing of the aircraft he was traveling in on the afternoon of this Wednesday (10). The plane landed on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. “A miracle happened,” he celebrated.

The lawyer and university professor was traveling with a client in the single-engine plane. They both left the state of Espírito Santo for Rio de Janeiro, where they would participate in a professional meeting the following day.

Almost reaching its final destination, around 6 pm last Wednesday (10), the small plane stopped working and had to make a forced landing in Maricá (RJ). Hours after the incident, the president of OAB-ES used his social networks to explain what happened and reassure friends and followers.

“Making a video here first to thank you for the hundreds of messages I received. Today, a miracle happened,” José Carlos begins in the video.

At the time, according to him, the small aircraft was flying over a beach in Maricá, in Rio de Janeiro, when the engine stopped working under the sea.

“The pilot tried to start the engine, it was like a car that wouldn’t start. It was an extremely desperate moment, we thought we were going to die. We were expecting to fall into the sea,” says José in the report.

The president of OAB-ES states that, after realizing what was happening, he asked the pilot if they would be able to reach the beach and make a forced landing. The pilot of the aircraft assured him that the landing would be possible.

According to the lawyer, he asked the pilot what they should do at this moment and everyone was told to hold on to some part of the plane.

Heading towards the beach, the plane falls, crashes and eventually bounces off the sand. The single-engine plane never turns over.

“We crawled for about 400 meters on the beach. After landing, we found fishermen. The plane only “ran over” a fishing rod, it didn’t hit anyone,” the lawyer continued.

José Carlos also reports in a video that he was in a state of shock after landing. One of his concerns was how he would get out of the plane and break the window, since he was in the back seat.

According to him, the first thing he did after the shock had passed was to take off his seatbelt. After the crash on the beach, the two passengers and the pilot exited the aircraft. No one was injured in the accident.

After landing, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and the Fire Department were called to the scene.

“We are physically unharmed and emotionally shaken. Many are calm and grateful to be alive,” said the lawyer.

At the end of the report, José Carlos thanked the messages he received from friends, the firefighters, the police and everyone who offered support. All the victims are doing well.

*Under supervision of Bruno Laforé

Source: CNN Brasil

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