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Macron’s trick to control France’s new prime minister

Emmanuel Macron is trying to define the political developments in France after the “brake” that entered Le Pen and through a trick he wants to be able to control the new prime minister of the country. The French president has published a letter calling on “responsible democratic forces” to come together to propose a person he will appoint as prime minister, refusing to choose himself, a possibility he has through the Constitution. “I call on all political forces that recognize themselves in democratic institutions, the rule of law, parliamentarism, European orientation and the defense of French independence, to engage in an honest and loyal dialogue to build a stable majority, necessarily different, for the country”, he said among other things. According to Bloomberg, Macron tried this trick in 2022, but it didn’t work. However, he brought it up again, as he wants to isolate only Melancholy’s party from the left-wing coalition that came out first in the presidential election. So, apparently, he wants to […]
Source: News Beast

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