A mix of 5 daily foods can extend life according to science

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It was already known that five daily portions of fruit and vegetables were an elixir of life. But that the ideal ratio was 3 rations of vegetables and 2 of fruit, he confirmed the largest scientific study ever made on this subject. The merit is of the Harvard Medical School and TH Chan School of Public Health researchers, who analyzed the nutritional data of a sample of one hundred thousand people (about 66,719 women and 44,016 men) without (at least at the beginning of the monitoring) diseases such as diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disorders, over a period of several decades.

Their eating habits were compared with the pathologies developed over the years and the possible causes of death, arriving at the formula of 3 rations of vegetables and 2 fruits per day as an ideal balance in reducing the risk of dying from disease.

The same data were then compared with other 26 similar studies, related to nutritional choices of nearly 2 million people from all over the world, and the 3 + 2 formula has been confirmed. The scope of this study, published in the journal Circulation ofAmerican Heart Association’s, in fact, it concerns the enormous amount of data produced over a rather long period of time. But there is more. In addition to the quantitative data, in fact, the scholars have also highlighted the qualitative one. In practice, it is not only how many fruits and vegetables you eat a day that count, but also which one you choose, with some distinguish. Fruit juice does not count as a serving, e not even potatoes, and in general vegetables rich in starch, such as corn and peas. The cause? The benefits are almost eliminated by their glycemic load.

But by how much is the risk of disease lowered by following the 5 portions? The 3 + 2 rule, according to the researchers, would lead to a 13% lower risk of dying early from any cause. Specifically, it is estimated that the virtuosos of the 5 portions would have a risk of 10% less of dying from cancer compared to those who do not follow the rule. The 12% less to die of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, and even 35% less to die from respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Another interesting fact that emerged from the study reveals how exceed 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day instead it does not bring more benefits on longevity. Indeed, it could even run into other problems, especially for the intake of too many sugars contained in fruit.
And the rations? They consist of about 80 grams, roughly equivalent to a banana or half a cup of cooked spinach. Finally, the study claims that the formula provides the right amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants regardless of the diet chosen. The important thing is to follow the rule of 5 daily portions.

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