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A month after the deadly fire in Hawaii, 66 people are still missing

One month after polynekri fire on the island of Maui, its beginnings Hawaiian they are still looking for 66 missing people, as the governor of this American state, Josh Green, said yesterday.

The official death toll from the fire, which reduced the historic city of Lahaina to ashes, is 115. The death toll has remained unchanged for about two weeks. Only 60 victims have been identified, according to a statement issued Thursday by the Maui Police Department.

Survivors have not been allowed to return to the rubble of flattened homes and businesses, although some have done so in defiance of authorities’ instructions. “The ash, we’ve been told, is quite toxic. Therefore, we have to be careful”said Gov. Josh Green, who announced that residents and business owners will soon be allowed into the fire-ravaged area for scheduled supervised visits.

The operation to remove the debris is expected to last several months and its cost is estimated at almost one billion dollars, he added.

Hawaii authorities have asked short-term rental property owners to consider renting them to fire victims who have been left homeless, while they are contacting hotels to house evacuees. More than 6,000 fire victims are staying temporarily in hotel units, according to Green. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released funds for Hawaii authorities to provide housing benefits to fire victims for at least 18 months, the governor said.

“The people of Maui must have as much time as they need to recover and will only begin rebuilding when they are ready.”, Josh Green pointed out. “I want to emphasize once again: The land of Lahaina is reserved for its people once they return and rebuild,” he assured.

Source: News Beast

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