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Documentary video shows policeman killing car driver after traffic chase

Philadelphia prosecutors on USA prosecuted for homicide to the ex policeman Mark Dial who last month shot and killed a man sitting in his car after, he claimed, he and a colleague chased him for driving while distracted.

The gruesome images from the video camera worn by the former police officer in his uniform were shown at a press conference. They show Dial and his partner driving slowly through a neighborhood and then pulling over. Less than 10 seconds after Dial exits the car, the video shows him shooting Eddie Irizarry as he sits in the driver’s seat of his own stationary vehicle with the doors and windows closed.

Dial and the second officer then drag the bloodied Irizarry out of the car and into the patrol car. The 27-year-old was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, District Attorney Larry Krasner said.

According to ABC News, police initially claimed that Irizarry was outside the car and he was killed when he attacked the police with a knife, but two days later he admitted that the victim never got out of his car.

The prosecutor said at the press conference that Irizarry’s family requested that the entire video be shown, without cuts. The video, he added, “speaks for itself” and reinforces the charges against Dial. In the footage, the officer exits his vehicle and approaches Irizarry’s, his gun already drawn. “I’m going to shoot you” he can be heard saying and, before pulling the trigger, one of the two officers screams at the 27-year-old to show his hands.

According to Krasner, Dial fired six times from very close range. The second police officer was not prosecuted.

Dial’s attorney, however, said in an emailed statement that “the evidence will overwhelmingly show that the officer fired justifiably, as he feared for his life.” According to the lawyer, the victim made an illegal right-hand turn in front of the police, then gassed his car and tried to escape by reversing into a one-way street.

The ex-cop, who claims he yelled at Irizarry to put his hands up but he pulled a gun, turned himself in this morning and was charged with a slew of offenses including murder, assault and endangerment.

After the incident he was placed on suspension, with the intention of being fired, by Police Director Danielle Outlaw. In today’s statement, it said that the administrative investigation is still underway and promised to complete it “as soon as possible so that justice can be done”.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney urged residents to protest peacefully. “I have watched the footage and understand that it may cause anger and unrest in our communities,” he noted.

Source: News Beast

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