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A place in the sun: why did Rossella wait so long to declare herself?

Fans of A Place in the Sun they had to expect that if you pull the rope too much it ends up fraying, and that’s why it shouldn’t surprise us too much that Scarlett (Giorgia Gianetiempo), in the end, was left with an inch of her nose. We who grew up on bread and Candy CandyOn the other hand, we know well that opportunities must be seized when they unfold before our eyesand that’s why we never understood why the girl once abandoned him Richard (Mauro Recanati) at the altar, has not actually admitted to having a crush on Nunzio (Vladimir Randazzo), who was just waiting for Rossella to declare herself to fulfill her dream of love. Being, however, A Place in the Sun a soap, and since soaps are very good at creating connections that risk going on for many weeks, the writers’ choice was to put Rossella in a sort of limbo to allow her to find herself again.

Ph.Giuseppe D’Anna\Fremantle

The result, however, was not the best, considering that the girl came first he felt a sort of annoyance in seeing what was supposed to be her husband in the company of his ex Virginia (Desirée Noferini) – with what right, then? Just because they chose to have lunch at Vulcano coffeethat is, the only bar/restaurant that A Place in the Sun has ever shown us in more than twenty years of honorable service? – and then he struggled to find an explanation for the fact that Nunzio tried to stay close to his ex-flame Diana (Sara Zanier), who in the meantime ended up in a coma and recovered with difficulty. The final showdown arrives during the episode aired on Rai3 on Wednesday 5 June, when Rossella, during yet another confrontation with Riccardo, finally understands that she no longer feels anything for him and being in love with Nunzio. It’s just a shame that, when he runs to the hospital to tell her, the latter is wildly making out with Diana, leading the public not so much to want to put a hand on Scarlett’s shoulder but to tell her “it looks good on you”, considering how much the boy suffered for her failure to make a decision.

Giorgia Gianetiempo during a break from the set
Giorgia Gianetiempo during a break from the setGiuseppe D’Anna

Devoured by feelings of guilt for that failed marriage and in the throes of confusion which first led her to clarify her ideas in Barcelona with her friend Vittorio (Amato D’Auria) and then to resume her work in the hospital unable to understand Riccardo’s hostility towards him – but think -, Rossella a A Place in the Sun she went ahead thinking (badly) that she had all the time to decide what to do and how to move. It’s just a shame that people can’t wait for the convenience of others and rightly feel the need to move on with their lives: Rossella learned this the hard way although, at this point, all that remains is to understand what the writers of A Place in the Sun they will decide for her. Will they choose to let an indefinite number of episodes pass before Nunzio turns around, or will they make sure that Rossella moves on, leaving her crush on her friend behind her back? We will only find out by living.

Source: Vanity Fair

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