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The Colors of Evil: Red is among the most watched films on Netflix and it’s hard to understand why

By delving into the boundless homepage of Netflix, you may discover an unsuspected taste for the macabre. If you ever become aware of this unlikely passion, your attention will probably fall on The Colors of Evil: Redthe new Polish film directed by Adrian Panek, that for a few days is dominating the ranking of the most viewed titles. Based on the novel of the same name by Malgorzata Oliwia Sobczakthe first of a trilogy that also contains The Colors of Evil: Black and The Colors of Evil: White, it’s about a classic detective story, the kind with a mysterious crime and a young policeman ready to solve it. The unsolved case in question is the murder of Monika Boguckawhose body was found in the middle of the sea devoid of lipsprobably removed with a cutter. The main suspect is a criminal who has just finished serving his sentence for an almost identical murder, in which the victim was found as Monica without lips. During a search of her home, a bloody t-shirt was found irrefutable proof of his guilt. The case would seem so closed, if it weren’t for that Leopold Bilskia young career policeman and protagonist of the film, believes that the crime is not so simple and easily archived, and is in fact convinced that the culprit is linked to the infamous bar where Monika worked, managed by the city boss Łukasz Kazarski, known as Kazar. Investigating, Leopold will find himself faced with a truth that is difficult to reach, not at all obvious and made up of numerous twists and turns.

The Colors of Evil: Red is divided almost by two: in one part it focuses on the development of investigations and in the other, thanks to the continuous use of flashbacktells us what happened to the poor woman Monica. This unexpected twist, which deprives us at least in part of the character that we thought he was the protagonistbegins an endless sequence of plots which, despite all the unexpected events that happen, it’s almost boring. This is because from the beginning of the film we are made to believe that the terrible person is responsible for the murder Kazar: every clue leads to him and he only expects his arrest. If with a lot of patience we overcome empty and sometimes totally superfluous dialogues, we will be able to get to the final, the part of the film that earns it a passing grade.

Yet the surprising fact is the position it occupies among the most watched films on Netflix, where it has been for some time now the focus is more on quantity than quality. This is perhaps why a film like this can be appreciated: Among so many mediocre films, it takes very little to stand out. The spectatorsnow orphans of great works on the streaming platform, they lowered their demands: they are satisfied with sufficient proposals and are surprised when their low expectations are exceeded, even by very little.

Source: Vanity Fair

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