A Russian amphibious boat that hit a mine off Mariupol was sunk

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A Russian landing craft reportedly sank off Mariupol when it struck a mine, Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksiy Gotsarenko and a Ukrainian official said. The incident took place on June 30, the day the Russian army withdrew its forces from Fidonisi.

“It is reported that a Russian landing craft of the 1176 “Akula” D-106 design of the Black Sea Fleet exploded near Mariupol. We are waiting for confirmation of the ‘goodwill gesture,'” said Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odesa regional military command.

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The information about the incident is confused as the Daily Mail emphasizes that the ship fell into a Russian mine, speaking of a “blunder” by the Russian navy. As reported by the British newspaper, the crew is said to have survived the incident.

“Near Mariupol, a landing craft of the Black Sea Fleet D-106 blew up on a mine,” said a Telegram channel associated with the Russian navy.

A Russian amphibious boat that hit a mine off Mariupol was sunk
Source: Daily Mail

Russia had announced that it had cleared the port of Mariupol of mines

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In a statement on May 24, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russian forces have completed the removal of mines in the port of Mariupol.

The mines were removed from the port and the area near it, the ministry said in a statement.

Source: Capital

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