A teenager put a USB cable in his penis to measure και and ended up in hospital

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A 15-year-old had the idea to put a στο cable in his penis USB and the result was to be taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery.

The teenager from London told the doctors that all this happened because “he wanted to measure the length of his penis”. However, his “experiment” did not go well at all and the cable got stuck in his molecule, as reported in a Daily Mail article.

The boy made several attempts to remove the cord on his own, causing him to bleed. So his family had to take him to the hospital.

Hospital staff also failed to remove the cord using special tools because of its location, doctors told Urology Case Reports. The child was then rushed to his University College Hospital London.

He asked to be examined without his mother being present. He then confessed to the staff that he put the cable in penis to measure it.

After an x-ray that revealed his size and position, the teenager entered the operating room. Eventually, after a hard effort, it was removed.

There were no complications and the next day the 15-year-old was discharged from the hospital.

Examinations two weeks after the operation showed that no damage had been done, but doctors recommended that the child be monitored in the future.

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