A. Tsipras attack on N. Androulaki: The prime ministers are elected by the people, not by the cameras

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By Niki Zorba

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In his first interview after the conclusion of the 3rd SYRIZA congress, Alexis Tsipras did not just deny that there was a rift in the party, he not only played the “victory” message sent by the conference, according to Koumoundourou’s dominant narrative, but also with the stylization He also launched an attack on Nikos Androulakis for a statement that annoyed and provoked reactions in both major parties: How can PASOK not agree to make Messrs. Mitsotakis and Tsipras prime ministers again.

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“At some point he has to tell us apart from what he does not want and what he wants because so far we only hear what he does not want,” he said, adding in a kind of response to the PASOK-KINAL president sufficiently suggestive: The prime ministers are elected by the Greek people and not the side cameras and that before talking about persons, let’s talk about policies.

As far as SYRIZA is concerned, Alexis Tsipras insisted that his proposals do not constitute a compromise as they have from zero to “manageable” budgetary costs.

In this context, he said about:

Accuracy – Energy

How can the country have the most expensive wholesale price per megawatt hour in the whole EU? Is this the free market? any costs and risks to energy companies?

Mr. Mitsotakis pursues a policy that ostensibly allows the market to self-regulate in an unprecedented context of scandal.

No budget costs needed: Ceiling at wholesale price, intervention. as Portugal managed to do, so Greece can do without budgetary cost.

The Energy Exchange is a European directive. Its implementation started a year ago. In Greece, however, the legal framework is applied incorrectly: Only 4 producers and no futures market.

Is it possible for PPC to operate with purely economic criteria in such a crisis? And the golden boys to do CVs on our backs? Who does PPC work for? What we live in is irrationality and criminal policy in Greek society.


Most of what I announced has no financial cost. There will be some costs but it is manageable.

Raising the minimum wage has no budgetary costs.

The debts that are accumulating today in small and medium enterprises will not be able to be repaid. If you do not keep them alive, you will not be able to earn anything.

The housing for young people has 120 million, the new NSS 500 million in the first year. Our interventions are realistic and necessary.

Opposition tactics – Polls

Polling companies are forced to close the gap every second day, lest elections be held and exposed.

It has already been decided that SYRIZA will be the first party.

What concerns me is not whether I should have lower or higher tones but the reconstruction of society and the economy. If it runs out of four years, it runs out of our ammunition to return to normalcy. If he continues with this apathy for another year, then we will have a humanitarian crisis.

In the 80’s the political life of the place was much more toxic. In national parties, there is a very different approach from the parties. The tones are not sharp.

Russian invasion

Greece has every reason to be absolutely clear in defending international law and condemning the Russian invasion, but it had no reason to send military equipment.

Sending ammunition was the wrong choice and no one from the allies asked for it. The strategy of the willing ally has offered us nothing. Turkey is constantly being upgraded.

N. Androulaki

It is good from what he does not want to tell us and what he wants. All this time, it is moving in the gray zone. The first thing he has to tell us is what his positions are on the problems.

The prime ministers are elected by the Greek people and the correlations of the ballot box. Their leaders are elected by the Greek people and not by the cameras. So let us know who he wants. how will it be done? will he suddenly pull an ace up his sleeve?

The problem for those who do not open their cards before the elections, they will have it themselves, after the elections. Anyone who moves in the gray area primarily harms himself.

If we were trying to strangle the political forces then we would not be voting for the simple analog.


The message of the conference is very loud: We want, we can and we know how. A very resounding message of victory,

In non-preliminary conferences, correlations, tensions are reflected. They are neither rare nor unprecedented phenomena. And in PASOK it was happening.

There is no rift in SYRIZA. they choose the media to catch snapshots that we are supposedly fighting and we see them and we laugh. Like the one with Euclid Tsakalotos that we talk about and the next moment we even hug. They kept the snapshot first.

Source: Capital

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