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A YouTuber who crashed his plane for more views was sentenced to prison

One was sentenced to six months in prison Youtuber after he deliberately crashed the single-engine plane he was in so that to get more subscribers and views.

The 30 year old Trevor Jacob posted video of the plane crash in December 2021, showing himself jumping from the plane with a parachute and a selfie stick in hand.

The video was viewed millions of times before it was finally taken down. The former Olympic snowboarder finally pleaded guilty a few months ago and has been charged with both the incident itself and withholding evidence to obstruct a federal investigation into the case.

Later Trevor Jacobs claimed he shot the video as a product endorsement deal. “He likely committed this offense for social media and news exposure and to obtain financial gain,” federal prosecutors in California said. “This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated,” they added.

For his part, Jacob spoke of personal humiliation and described the decision to sentence him as correct.

The flight took place in November 2021. Jacob took off from Santa Barbara Airport, California with the single-engine plane, which had cameras mounted on its interior and exterior. He also had a parachute and a selfie stick with him.

Everything was ready for the final shoot. “He never intended to reach his destination. He had planned the crash of the aircraft and videotaped himself jumping out of it during the flight and landing with a parachute on the ground,” the California State Attorney’s Office said.

The plane crashed in the Los Padres National Forest 35 minutes after takeoff. Then, on December 23, Jacob having gathered all the footage of the action, uploaded the video titled “I crashed my plane”. The video also contained an advertisement for a wallet company.

Some users were initially skeptical about the event understanding the scam. As they noted, Jacob was already wearing his parachute and made no attempt to land the plane safely.

When the incident reached the National Transportation Safety Board, Jacob claimed he did not know the location of the crash. However, he secretly returned by helicopter and removed the debris, which he later destroyed.

Source: News Beast

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