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An Israeli government representative speaks of a “difficult stage of the war” in Gaza

The Israel he expects difficult battles during the new phase of his war on Gauze, but is open to “constructive input” to reduce harm to citizens provided the advice is consistent with its objective dismantling of Hamas, a spokesman for the Israeli government said today. “We are now moving forward with the second stage. A second stage that will be militarily difficult,” Eilon Levi told reporters.

Chahal’s forces have begun military operations in its southern sector Gaza Strip, where about one million refugees from the northern sector of the Palestinian enclave have taken refuge. Israel is under persistent international pressure, including from Washington, to limit civilian casualties. “Any constructive input we receive, any serious strategic advice to hurt Hamas while minimizing harm to civilians, we will of course take it into account,” the spokesman said, adding that the advice must be consistent with the goal of dismantling it. Hamas.

“We will continue with the campaign to destroy Hamas, a campaign that the United States faces just as we do in terms of the strategic goals of this war, which is that this war cannot end and Hamas remain standing.”

Eilon Levi stated that the Israel goes to great lengths to limit harm to civilians. “We didn’t choose the battlefield, Hamas chose the battlefield,” he said.

At the same time, a spokesman for the Israeli army called on Palestinian civilians in the Han Younes area of ​​the southern Gaza Strip to follow the army’s instructions aimed at keeping them away from danger as conflicts escalate.

“What citizens need to do to stay safe is listen to the instructions coming from our Twitter accounts, from our website and also look at the flyers that are dropped in their areas,” Richard Hecht told reporters.

Source: News Beast

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