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Aave blacklisted Justin Sun’s address after receiving 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash

The Aave DeFi protocol blocked the ability to interact with the wallet address of Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun after receiving 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash.

An unknown “well-wisher” transferred 0.1 ETH to Justin Sun’s wallet via the Tornado Cash mixer. Most of the mixing service wallets have recently been sanctioned by the US Department of the Treasury. And now, it seems that any users of the service are at risk of being blocked in a variety of protocols and projects.

Sun is not the only one who received 0.1 ETH through the Tornado Cash Mixer. After the service addresses were added to the sanctions list, many companies, popular members of the crypto community and traders received a similar amount from the mixer addresses. According to PeckShield, 0.1 ETH was sent through the service to more than 600 wallets.

The list of those who received such “presents” included the wallets of the Binance, FTX and Beeple exchanges, the addresses of Brian Armstrong and Justin Sun, as well as donation wallets to Ukraine. In addition to Aave, wallets that received 0.1 ETH from Tornado Cash also block Uniswap, Balancer and dYdx decentralized protocols.

Later, the Aave development team reported that the locks are automatic. The system blocks addresses that interact with the Tornado Cash service after the mixer addresses are added to the sanctions list. The developers returned access to the service to Justin Sun and other blocked users.

According to venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary, locking Tornado Cash was necessary for the development of the industry.

Source: Bits

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