Abacus poll: At 14.5 points the difference ND-SYRIZA – ‘Jump’ of KINAL at 17%

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New Democracy leads SYRIZA with high double-digit percentages in both intention and vote, as shown by the Abacus poll for the Alpha TV station, which also records the significant rise of the Movement for Change, with citizens still criticizing the government. for the management of the bad weather “Elpis” that created huge problems in Attica.

The poll was conducted on January 25, among 303 households.

In particular, in the vote estimate, the difference between the ruling party and the main opposition party is 16 percentage points, as if elections were held now ND would receive 36% -39%, and SYRIZA 20% -23%. KINAL would collect 18% -21%, while the KKE 6.5% -7.5%, the Hellenic Solution and the MERA25 would receive 2% -2.5% each, while another party would vote 9% -11% of the citizens.

Regarding the intention to vote, the difference between ND and SYRIZA is 14.5 percentage points, as ND has 32%, followed by SYRIZA with 17.5%, the Movement for Change with 17%, the KKE with 5%, the Hellenic Solution with 2% the DAY25 2%.

The decision for the compensation of 2,000 euros is communicative

As for the management of the bad weather “Elpis”, the government is overwhelmingly negatively judged by the vast majority of citizens, according to the Abacus poll.

In particular, 67% of respondents judge the government negatively for its “response” to bad weather, 25% answer “neither positively nor negatively”, while only 8% positively judge the government’s reaction.

When asked who is to blame for the confinement of drivers on Attiki Odos, 52% of respondents said that the road management company is responsible, 41% attribute responsibilities to the government and 7% believe that the citizens are responsible.

For the compensation of 2,000 euros to the drivers who were trapped on Attiki Odos, 42% consider the decision communicative, 29% fair, 21% consider it old-party, 7% answer “none of the above”, while 1% answered ” I do not know I do not answer”.


– SYRIZA strongly reacts to the Alpha poll

Source From: Capital

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