Ábalos recognizes that the pandemic will delay the limitation of rent prices requested by Iglesias

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The Secretary of organization of the PSOE and Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Abalos, has ensured on Monday that the limitation of rental prices will have to wait for the clearing of “all the uncertainties” that the pandemic throws in the housing market.

At a press conference following the Federal Executive Committee, Abalos acknowledged that this commitment is part of the programmatic government agreement and must be fulfilled, the question is “when”.

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Abalos insisted that in the current pandemic situation the market “does not behave normally” and it is therefore important to have a more appropriate market analysis to see how it is raised.

The minister reported that from his Ministry the preliminary draft State Housing Act has been brought to public debate, “it will be the first state housing law in democracy” and may be, he said, the legal framework in which this instrument fits.

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Therefore, the Minister considered that uncertainties would have to be waited for uncertainties to be cleared and to see the most appropriate legal fit in that state law.

It also referred to the Budgets and said that work was under way “at all levels with other political formations”. The minister has assured that it will be a “very involved” bill that they would try to present “in the shortest possible time”.

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