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Absolute chaos at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada: Severe storms and one person dead

The Burning Man Festival (Burning Man), at nevada, “drowned” in the mud after one severe storm that hit the area, leaving thousands of visitors stranded in an isolated area. Local authorities said one person had died and urged visitors and performers to seek shelter and try to stock up on food and water.

The sheriff of Pershing County, in northern Nevada, said in a statement that a man was killed Saturday “during the rain,” but did not specify the cause of death or the victim’s identity. “His family has been informed and the death is under investigation,” he added.

Access to and from Black Rock City, the site of the annual “Burning Man” festival, has been blocked, organizers said in social media posts. The Wasau County Sheriff’s Office explained that entry to the site is not possible due to flooding and that anyone trying to get there will be “turned back” by officers.

More than 60,000 people travel each year to this remote area of ​​northwestern Nevada, according to organizers. They gather in the “temporary” city to dance and have fun for $575 per person – that’s how much the single ticket costs. Local media reported that there were about 73,000 visitors to Black Rock City this year.

The festival takes its name from its crowning event, the burning of a large, wooden effigy called “the Man” on the penultimate night of.

Videos posted on social media sites show visitors, who have not lost their good spirits, wallowing ankle-deep in thick mud. The site is in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, a large, flat, ancient lake, also known as “the side.”

“Due to the situation created by the rain in the last 24 hours we were forced to stop the movement of all vehicles on the side,” the service that manages this area explained on Saturday. “More rain is also expected in the coming days and the conditions are not going to improve for vehicles to get on the side,” he added.

One of the visitors, Paul Render, who has been participating in the festival for 22 years, told Reuters that he estimated it would take at least two days for the area to dry out. “Fortunately, we are in a relatively large camp, with plenty of supplies. As a community, we share everything with each other,” he said. While he intended to leave by car, some of the guests already left on foot, heading for the nearest highway, he explained.

The festival started on August 27 and was scheduled to end tomorrow, September 4.

Source: News Beast

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