‘Absolute justice is the will of the Judicial Council’, declare the members of SYRIZA-PS who participated in the preliminary investigation of NOVARTIS

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“The will of the Judicial Council completely vindicates us”, emphasize in their statement the members of SYRIZA-PS who participated in the pre-investigation committee of the Parliament for Novartis, Spyridon Lappas, Theodora Augeris, Yiannis Giolas, Theofilos Xanthopoulos and Yiannis Ragousis.

In particular, they note that “it is a vindication for SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, for us, the members of the SYRIZA pre-investigation team, who fought continuous legal and political battles for the revelation of the truth, which in two words sum up what we said and wrote: The Novartis scandal can never be considered a hoax.” They report that the will of the Judicial Council of the Special Court “literally constitutes a ‘bomb’ that explodes in the hands of the ND and PASOK-KINAL, with their ‘political’ decision criminal charges were brought against the Deputy Papagelopoulos and the Corruption Prosecutors (Touloupaki , Dzoura and Manolis) for their handling of the Novartis scandal”. The SYRIZA MPs state that the will is a “bombshell” because it “judges, now irrevocably, that ‘the actions in the Novartis scandal by the former Minister of Justice and the former Corruption Prosecutor were lawful and imperative’, that is, the entire indictment that they set up is collapsing ND and PASOK-KINAL, which in the end was nothing more than a political prosecution to serve their political plans and above all to erect a wall in the investigation of the huge scandal for the illegal and unfair practices of Novartis”. They point out that “finally D. Papagelopoulos and E. Touloupakis are referred for a case unrelated to their handling of the Novartis case”.

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The members of SYRIZA-PS in the pre-investigation committee, underline that “there remains a struggle to reveal the full extent of the scandal and to punish all the culprits, who with their illegal acts and omissions caused billions in damage to the Greek State and the insurance funds”. They note that justice in our country “will certainly do, must do, what the lawyer of the proposed witnesses in the USA, Stephen Kok, was asking for: ‘The American justice brought Novartis to face its responsibilities for taking illegal bribes in Greece. This vindicates the public interest witnesses who exposed and denounced these crimes. The American justice system did its job. We hope that the Greek justice system will hold the real criminals accountable.”

“Am’ epos, am’ play”, conclude Sp. Lappas, T. Augeri, G. Giolas, T. Xanthopoulos and G. Ragousis.

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Source: Capital

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