Anastasiades? Erdogan said we might meet in the north and I told him no way

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For the conversation he had with Recep Tayyip Erdoganon the sidelines of the EU-NATO dinner, in Madrid, the President of the Republic of Cyprus spoke, Nikos Anastasiadis.

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In his statements to journalists, on the sidelines of the monument unveiling ceremony for Glaukos Clerides and to a journalist’s remark that a lot of pressure had been exerted by the President of Turkey on the hosts of the EU-NATO dinner, in Madrid, so that the President of the Republic of Cyprus would not participate , President Anastasiades said “why should I discuss or refer to the failures of others?”.

In response to a journalist’s remark that Mr. Erdogan, trying to downplay the brief meeting he had with the President of the Republic, referred to the Turkish Cypriot leader, President Anastasiades said that “There was nothing to downgrade. It was a formal, friendly meeting. I have known him since 2005, Emmanuel Macron played his role and therefore we met, in fact twice, once during the reception and another after the dinner, but again the discussions were of a friendly nature with the only intervention that we should at some point, and it is good since our friend President Emmanuel Macron is interceding, if he wanted, I am ready, to meet in Paris”.

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Asked if he suggested this to Mr. Erdogan, the President replied in the affirmative, while being asked what the Turkish President responded to this, President Anastasiades stated that “(Erdogan) he said we might meet in the northern part and I told him no way».

Asked to comment on reports in the Turkish press that Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan came out victorious from Madrid, the President of the Republic said that “he should project the retreat and why he retreated from the initial objections. I don’t want to deal with the internal affairs of Turkey”.

Asked if he has been informed about the proposals submitted yesterday afternoon by Mr. Tatar to the Assistant Secretary General. of the UN, the President replied “not yet. What I saw in the press some information. Yesterday morning when I had met with the assistant g.g., he did not have them in mind, moreover in the afternoon they were served to him. When I receive them, there will be a corresponding answer”.

Source: News Beast

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