Abu Dhabi and Dubai leaders buy Pegasus spyware

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Abu Dhabi ruler Mohammed bin Zayed and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Mahtoum both bought Pegasus cell phone spy software, according to an Israeli report.

The two leaders bought the hacker software, created by the Israeli company NSO, independently of each other and without informing each other, the business news agency TheMarker reported.

The two men allegedly each paid a sum of several million dollars for the software, but the exact amount is not known.

The revelation has sparked questions about why the two men bought the malicious software independently of each other, despite being leaders in a country with a joint federal army, police and security forces.

It is speculated that the kings will use Israeli software to spy on their political opponents in the UAE.

Mahtum has already been accused of using the hacker tool for his own personal gain.

Last month, a British court found Mahtoum guilty of using Pegasus hacker software to spy on his estranged wife, friends and members of her legal council during the couple’s custody of the two children. in London.

Reports of the hacking of Princess Haya Bid Hussein have been leaked by the NSO itself, which has been embroiled in a tough campaign to damage damages following allegations that Pegasus was used to spy on human rights activists, journalists and political activists. heads of state.

NSO people insist that their software will only be used to “fight terrorism and violent crime” in accordance with the terms of use.

Following revelations about the ruler of Dubai and his wife, the NSO team announced in October that their contract with the UAE had expired.


Source From: Capital

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