P. Christidis: ‘We are walking on the path set by Fofi Gennimata’

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The candidate for the presidency in the Movement for Change, Pavlos Christidis, continues his course in Crete, who has been making contacts in Heraklion since this morning. “We are walking on the path set by Fofi Gennimata”, said Mr. Christidis, during his visit to the Labor Center of Heraklion, explaining that this road was “a path of autonomy and success that from 2015 to 2021 doubled the percentages of the party “And on this road we are coming to build our protagonist character, far away for discussions for top collaborations”, said Mr. Christidis.

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The KINAL presidential candidate reiterated his call for participation in the internal party elections, adding: “I am here to clash with the elites who keep us committed today, to fight the injustices and to give a voice to the people who believed in PASOK in the previous decades and they are here now, to return to politics and PASOK ”

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He expressed his joy to be in Crete, which he described as an “island of democracy” and over time – as he stressed – “core of the party”, sent a message of “optimism and strength” clarifying that his own presence in the “race” for the presidency, has as a goal “to lead to the victory of the faction and a PASOK of the new era” referring to Andreas Papandreou.

“As Andreas in 1981 expressed the underprivileged, today we again want to express the underprivileged. , with a plan for the energy crisis “said Mr. Christidis, who referred to the accuracy saying that” the Government is doing absolutely nothing to face it “.

The candidate for the presidency of the Movement for Change after the meeting with the president of the Labor Center of Heraklion Stelios Vorgias and the board of directors, will meet with productive bodies and then with the president of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Crete, Giannis Kourakis. Then he will visit Sitia, Ierapetra and Agios Nikolaos where he will have meetings and contacts with institutions and citizens.

Tomorrow, Friday, Mr. Christidis will visit Rethymno and Chania.

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