Actor Caco Ciocler sends a message to students who ridiculed a classmate

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The actor Caco Ciocler published this Friday (17) a photo with the note of a test and the caption:

“I’m 51 years old, I’m in college, I know what Google is and I get an A on the test!”.

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Ciocler is studying biology and has a decades-long career in acting, directing and producing.

The post seems to be motivated by the viral video of university students from Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo, making fun of a 40-year-old classmate.

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“Guys, quiz of the day: how do you ‘unenroll’ a classmate?”, ironizes one of the students. Soon after, another young woman replies: “Man, she is 40 years old now. She was supposed to be retired”. “Really”, agrees the third, making a mocking face.

The victim of ageism was biomedicine student Patrícia Linares, 44 years old. The case generated revolt on social networks and the students in the video dropped out of college after the repercussions.

Source: CNN Brasil

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