Actor refused to get the vaccine and was excluded from participating in a TV series in Germany

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Her collaboration with an actress, who refused to be vaccinated against him coronavirus, decided a company of television producers in Germany invoking the obligation to apply due diligence measures and professional ethics.

Austrian Eva Herzig was excluded from the production of the thriller series “Police Stories from Styria”, which was to be broadcast on the first channel of the German public television ARD and the Austrian public television ORF, broadcasts APE-MPE. The script will now have to be adapted, in order to deal with the fact that the actress who was going to play a police expert will not participate.

Speaking to BILD, Herzig herself justified her stance by stressing that considers that insufficient research has been carried out on vaccines against Covid-19.

“The decision was not easy for me, because it involves a loss of income that I had calculated. I am an unmarried mother of two children, whom of course I have to take care of. But I do not want to and I can not bow down. Therefore, I will not be vaccinated, regardless of the risk “, said the actress and noted that she knows that she will be characterized as extreme right or negative of the coronavirus, but” both (characterizations) are both harsh and wrong “.

In an interview with the German News Agency (dpa), Ms. Herzig stated that Her concern about vaccines has the potential for serious side effects.

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