Actors of “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” conquer audiences by risking Portuguese

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Prime Video held a panel about its most successful series at Comic Con Experience (CCXP22) this Saturday (03). During the streaming service event, what most caught the attention of the audience was the cast of “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power”.

The series that takes place within the fantastic world created by JRRTolkien won fans of the franchise years after the last release of the film trilogy of “The Hobbit”.

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The series, which had eight episodes released in its first season, reached the mark of more than 24 billion minutes transmitted through the streaming service.

With a live orchestra and performance for the first time by a drag queen during the event, the Prime Video panel started with the repercussion of “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power”.

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However, what caught the public’s attention was mainly Ismael Cruz Córdova, who won over the fans present by doing practically the entire panel in Portuguese.

“I don’t speak perfectly, I’ll need to read it, but I wanted to speak in your language”, began the actor. “I am very happy to be with you at CCXP, I have always had a special love for the people of Brazil. I am Brazilian at heart. I already received a lot of love, support and kindness from the Brazilian fans”.

The actor, who plays the elf Arondir, brought a frame over the character’s fight scenes – one of the fights he used to train was capoeira, and at the request of the author himself.

“I worked with taekwondo, but I wanted to do capoeira”, explained Ismael. “Capoeira is very important to me. I trained capoeira for two years, I’m not a capoeirista, but I have a lot of respect for capoeira”.

“It was really important for me to be able to bring my heritage, our heritage, into the character. I am the first dark elf. We had never seen a dark elf before, and therefore we had never seen a dark martial art in the fantasy world.”

“Some people have said that capoeira is not a martial art, but I defend it because capoeira is a very important martial art for me, because it was created by people who want to find their freedom like Arondir. And it’s an honor that Brazil has allowed me to bring that to an international performance.”

Cynthia Addai-Robinson also ventured into Portuguese, thanking her for being at the stand, but focused on the phrases prepared by Ismael Cruz Córdova.

During the panel, Prime Video also brought Dónal Finn, Ceara Coveney and Kate Fleetwood to talk about the second season of “The Wheel of Time”. Coveney said that in the new episodes, she feels “fans’ expectations will be met.” An exclusive video was shown to those in attendance.

Another Prime Video title that was present during CCXP22 was “Jack Ryan”. With the presence of Michael Kelly and Betty Gabriel, videos of the new season of the series, which arrives on December 21, were shown. Betty Gabriel took the opportunity to say that she is a fan of Seu Jorge.

Finally, actresses Chloë Grace Moretz and Lisa Joy took the stage to talk about “Peripherals”. The series had its last episode of the season released last Friday (2), but the highlight was Chloë Grace Moretz’s recommendation for video games – as she loves first-person shooters, the recommendation is Call of Duty.

Source: CNN Brasil

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