Actyva: when nature and science work in synergy for the beauty of hair

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More and more often, when we find ourselves buying a cosmetic product, our attention is captured by the label. If the important presence of naturally derived ingredients reassures us about the goodness of the formulation, the remaining percentage of components makes us turn up our noses.

Yet, just like cosmetics in recent years has made giant steps towards an idea of «clean beauty», and therefore devoid of elements harmful to the health of the body and the environment, even science has not stood still and watched.

Constant research, formulation avant-garde, innovation have made it possible to obtain safe and effective formulas where the treasures of nature are not replaced, but enhanced, enhanced and made precious cosmetic ingredients.

A mission that Kemon carries on since 1978, the year of birth of Actyva, a highly specialized hair care line which, through its certified formulas, the choice of eco packaging and its effectiveness, declares itself as “Fine line between science and nature”. An insurmountable limit that, instead of dividing, finds in the good synergy of these two pillars the allies for safe, effective, transparent hair.

All guaranteed by the certification Green&Clean Cosmetics, a specification that defines very high standards on the basis of three fundamental aspects: Geen & Clean formulations, environmental sustainability and consumer safety, transparency. A commitment of responsibility and clarity that can be traced right down to the choice of eco-friendly packaging made deliberately “talking”. THE symbols that tell the characteristics of the line and the ingredients indicated with different colors according to their origin – green for the natural ones, with an asterisk those from organic farming and in black the rest of the carefully selected ingredients to create blends of synergistic active ingredients and thus maximize the effectiveness of the formula – offer clear, direct, explicit communication.

A true plus for the consumer, who, in this way, can select the product with extreme ease and immediacy, and at the same time have a complete and exhaustive overview of the formulation. To make the proposal even more complete, the wide availability of lines in the Actyva range designed for the different specific needs of the hair. Such as, the line Brilliant color, designed to give color intensity, brilliance and duration to colored hair, or Volume and Body, without silicones, very rich in body-building and volumizing active ingredients, and even allies Discipline, formulated to gently regulate frizzy and rebellious hair.

Whatever the need, Actyva responds with a pool of specific allies, always maintaining faith in that precious partnership between the irreplaceable power of nature and the strength of science.

Video credits:

Shooting Art-direction Francesca Nocentini / Kemon marketing manager
Fashion producer Alessandro Di Giacomo /
Videomaker Camillo Carobi /
Photographer Elisa Imperi /
Casting direction & Styling Alessia Caliendo – Assistant Andrea Seghesio
Hair Riccardo Rogari & Davide Carlucci / Kemon Crew
BUY Susanna Campana
Outfit: Alberta Ferretti, Attic & Barn, Genny, Momoni, Vivienne Westwood

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