Ad. Georgiadis: Possibility of measures for fuel and summer

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“It is very likely that there will be measures for fuel in the summer as well, targeted, not horizontally,” Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis told SKAI.

“There is a big problem with fuel in the islands, firstly due to transport costs that have increased, secondly there are islands without competition, with one or two gas stations. We are discussing scenarios for the islands, announcements will be made by the competent minister. The fuel problem “The government is very concerned,” he said.

“There is a big problem for fuel, and it is not due to profiteering, of course we will find offenders, but the main problem is that we have a double increase, on the one hand an increase in the price of crude, but on the other a large fall of the euro. “It was $ 147 a barrel, but the euro was $ 1.50,” the minister explained.

For the extension of the subsidy on gasoline, as was done in oil, he referred to the competent Minister of Finance, Christos Staikoura, who estimated that the fiscal space would be built, but first the implementation of the measures for electricity must begin.

Asked about this, he said that inspections have already started in order for the refineries to comply with the government’s law on notoriety, ie to work with the profit margin of September 1, 2021 (something that applies to the entire supply chain). The deadline given was May 23rd for providing the data. “In general, the first fines have entered the fuel market. Several elements of violation of the ceiling have been found,” noted Adonis Georgiadis.


“A gentlemen-state agreement in the food market for price formation is prohibited by competition law, and is illegal,” he clarified.

“Of course there is concern about food shortages worldwide… The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture have set up an online platform for declaring food stocks, which reassures us. There is no fear of not having food at the moment,” he assured. “In the scandal, we intensify the controls and impose fines,” said Mr. Georgiadis.


Source: Capital

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