Here comes the subsidy for electrical appliances: When the platform opens – Which concerns

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From next month, the electronic platform for the “Recycle – Change Device” program is expected to open, in which about 350,000 households will join for the subsidy of electrical appliances.

The program “Recycle – Change Appliance” concerns the replacement of old energy consuming appliances and in particular air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers with new appliances.

It is worth noting that the old devices should work, while the subsidy will range from 35% to 50%, depending on the income of the subsidized and without any upper limit

The devices

The devices that can be included in the program are:

– Refrigerators
– Freezers
– Air conditioners

Not included in the grant:

– washing machine
– dishwashers
– electric cookers

According to the Minister of Environment and Energy, Costa Skreka, in fact, the 350,000 households that will enter the program, will be able to reduce on average 30% the consumption and the electricity bill. In case more than 350,000 applications are submitted, then the applications will be ranked by a series of ranking criteria, such as income or even social.

Speaking to OPEN a few days ago, the minister said: “We want the platform to open in the first fortnight of June. So in the coming weeks. There we will have a 35 to 50% subsidy. Regardless of income. Everyone can join the program with a difference that “There will be an objective classification based on social criteria (disabled member, large family, low income). People belonging to these groups have more points, so they will be the first to be selected to replace their device.”

As Mr. Skrekas said, when the program is completed, households will have reduced their electricity consumption by 30%. He also added that if there is interest in the program “we will find a way to extend it”.

Elsewhere, the Minister of Energy and Environment stressed that “our goal is for 70% of energy to be produced from renewable sources. This way we will save 1 billion from gas imports”.



Source: Capital

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