Ad. Georgiadis: The digitization of licensing and control systems is being prepared by the Secretary General of Industry

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The digitization of licensing and control systems is being prepared by the General Secretariat of Industry, as announced by the Minister of Development and Investment, ‘Adonis Georgiadis, at today’s web event organized by the ministry on “Supervision as a tool for growth and entrepreneurship” .

According to a statement, in his speech, the Minister of State, ‘Akis Skertsos, pointed out: based on risk assessment and the introduction and utilization of new administrative tools – mainly that of notification – and information technology through the digitization of procedures.

The success of law enforcement in regulating the supervision of economic activities and products lies in the fact that it aims to improve the quality of life through more effective controls, while improving the competitiveness of businesses and facilitating entrepreneurship through transparent, reasonable and accessible rules. The development of a predictable system for the implementation of institutional arrangements seeks the transparency and more efficient implementation of controls of economic activities and products based on the design, programming, standardization and transparency of control procedures.

Undoubtedly, the success of this policy, which is emblematic for the real economy, presupposes the synergy and effective cooperation of all the bodies and ministries involved. It is also a multi-spectrum initiative covering a wide range of economic activities. ”

In his greeting, Mr. Georgiadis referred to the reforms implemented by the Ministry of Development, covering a wide range of activities. Referring to the reform of the supervision of Law 4512/2018, he congratulated all those involved for its consistent and focused implementation, despite the unprecedented conditions of the pandemic, and emphatically reaffirmed the political commitment to continue and further deepen it in other areas of supervision. At the same time, it announced the digitization of the licensing and control systems prepared by the General Secretariat of Industry, making our country a place of business development, investment development and economic stability.

In a message, the Director General of the Directorate General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM), Mario Nava, stressed that he was particularly pleased with the service’s contribution to this iconic reform. Improving the business environment through the simplification of the business licensing framework and the organization of market control and supervision is a catalyst for the recovery of the national economy and the European Union as a whole.

Finally, Themis Eftychidou, Secretary General of Industry, spoke at the event, followed by speeches by representatives of the World Bank, G. Vincelette, A. Marusic and A. Molfetas, and Nathalie Berger, Representative of the Directorate-General for Structural Reforms (European Reform). Which financed the technical assistance for the implementation of the reform. Then, the reform actions of the supervision were presented by the heads of the general secretariat of Industry / YPANEP, D. Tsagri, G. Drossos and R. Panou, by the collaborator of the general secretary of Natural Environment and Water, of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Th. from the head of the Directorate of Veterinary Public Health, of the Ministry of Rural Development, P. Papadaki and from the head of the competent Directorate of Food Safety of EFET, D. Panteleaki.

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