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ADAPTIT: New collaborations and projects in Greece and abroad

ADAPTIT is aiming for new collaborations and projects in Greece and abroad for 2022 as it prepares to close 2021 with almost doubling its turnover and a series of important agreements such as the supply of equipment to BUYIN of Deutsche Telekom and Orange.

According to ADAPTIT management estimates, turnover for 2021 will reach 20 million euros, compared to 11 million euros in 2020. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) are estimated to be above 3 million euros, compared to 1.8 million euros last year.

As Athanasios Tzaferis, president and CEO of the group, said during a press conference, the turnover of 2022 is expected to exceed 30 million euros, while the plans include the strengthening of the company’s human resources. “We continue at the same pace, strengthening our clientele inside and outside Greece and entering into important collaborations with well-known companies in the field of digital technologies”, he noted characteristically.

ADAPTIT’s clientele includes organizations such as BUYIN, the joint venture of Deutsche Telekom & Orange Group for the supply of telecommunications equipment for 4G / 5G radio coverage optimization, Telefonica, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and Fraport. At the same time, the Greek company has participated in projects such as the telecommunications coverage of OAKA by WIND Hellas and the one for the security of the accommodation structures of third country citizens.

For the current year, the revenues from the activities outside Greece represent 25% of the turnover, aiming at 2022 this percentage to exceed 30%.

In addition, for 2022 the investment plan of the ADAPTIT group amounts to 2 million euros. The funds will be used to develop critical infrastructure, strengthen partnerships and further expand activities abroad.

Pillars of development for the coming years include activity in cutting-edge areas such as cybersecurity, augmented reality (AR) solutions, artificial intelligence applications that utilize drone capabilities, and the Internet of Things (IoT). , with the company in the process of developing its own IoT platform. In addition, the ADAPTIT group of companies is actively involved in the development of the FTTH fiber optic network.

“Our goal is to immediately expand our activities in new sectors, looking forward to our participation in selected projects that will be funded by the Recovery Fund”, said Vassilis Karavasilis, Commercial Director of the ADAPTIT group.

The group already has an autonomous presence in Bulgaria, through ADAPTIT Bulgaria, while it is active in several countries of the European Union, having undertaken important projects. In collaboration with the Chinese Fujian Helios has created Helios Technologies Europe, offering the European market a wide range of products and solutions to improve the quality of wireless telecommunications networks.

The immediate plans include the strengthening of strategic partnerships. The ADAPTIT group is currently working with well-known companies, such as TeamViewer, Netscout – Arbor, IBM, Opengear, Nozomi Networks, ADVA and Spirent.

ADAPTIT is a group of companies, which undertakes the implementation of digital technology projects in large companies in the fields of telecommunications, utilities, energy, public sector, transport and the financial sector. The group offers solutions for sectors such as telecommunications equipment, the development of critical infrastructure, “smart” cities, transport, cybersecurity, etc.

ADAPTIT has more than 100 employees, having strengthened its team with 30 people during 2021, while a corresponding number of recruitments is planned for 2022.



Source From: Capital

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