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For the first time in history, Russians spent more on Chinese cars than on Russian ones

According to the publication “Chinese Cars” with reference to the digital platform “Bankavto” and the analytical agency “Autostat”, in September, for the first time in history, Russians spent more money on buying Chinese cars than on buying domestic cars.

The total amount of funds spent by Russians on the purchase of cars amounted to 260.65 billion rubles. 38.3% of this amount was spent on cars of European brands. 25.6% chose cars from Japan, 20.3% preferred Koreans. Costs for Chinese cars amounted to 20.14 billion rubles, which is 3 billion rubles more than for Russian cars.

For the first time in history, Russians spent more on Chinese cars than on Russian ones

The growing popularity of Chinese brands, actively expanding their model range and market presence, has become more and more evident in recent months. Chinese cars win on all points that are primarily of interest to motorists. Carmakers from the Middle Kingdom offered the Russians interesting design cars of good quality and at an affordable price – an inexpensive analogue of the usual European car brands with efficient fuel consumption, affordable service and a long warranty. They also attract lucrative credit programs in Chinese brands, including in the framework of subsidizing rates by automakers.

Bankavto expert Denis Mavlanov

The source also gives the weighted average price of a Chinese car in September 2021. For this, the cost of all cars is divided by their number (11,126 units). The sum is about 1.8 million rubles. This speaks of a fairly large percentage of more expensive trim levels that buyers prefer.

As we already reported, new Chery Exeed VX crossovers have already been brought to Russia, and Chery Omoda 5 was seen in China.


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