Adoption by LGBTQIA+ couples is still a challenge in Brazil

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Since 2015, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) allows same-sex couples to adopt children. However, the battle of same-sex couples is marked by a long delay and several bureaucracies, in addition to being a recent milestone in this family universe.

In an interview with CNN no Plural Betho Fers, Stefanie’s father, says that as a child and young man he did not know family stories similar to his, “I was not presented in children’s stories, in books, and my family did not show me real cases”.

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Thus, he says that “being a father is a recent and unreferenced journey”.

sexual orientation

Erick Silva, also Stefanie’s father, says that another difficulty is coming to terms with his sexual orientation. “There was the dream of being a father, but [antes] I had to go through several stages to understand myself as a gay man.”

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Sexual orientation is another stage that LGBTQIA+ families usually face with their family members.

Heterosexual parents are often the first to not accept their children’s gender identity or orientation. It’s like the first closed door they come across when trying to take over.

João Romão says he remembers when he came out to his father, Devancir Romão. “I couldn’t say that I was gay, so I kept trying to come up with some way to get it out. So I invented saying that my sexual orientation was not expected by society”.

However, the father reacted in a different way than a portion of the parents usually say. He accepted, but commented: it’s bad, there’s a lot of prejudice… do you accept to face it? So let’s go.

In an interview with CNN João said that, after his father’s approval, he said he would adopt a child, Gabriel.

“Having a grandson, Gabriel, is really cool. João sent me the birth certificate […] is Gabriel Rezende Romão, my surname. I was happy with my life”, says the now-grandfather.

Source: CNN Brasil

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