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Afghanistan: At least three dead and more than injured after an explosion in a mosque in Kabul

At least three people were killed and more than twenty others were injured yesterday Wednesday (17/8) in an improvised explosion bomb in Islamic mosque in Kabulits capital Afghanistansaid imgs close to the police and a hospital.

The explosion happened “inside a mosque during evening prayer” in the northwestern part of the city, Khalid Zadran told AFP, speaking of “wounded” but unable to give a specific casualty count.

The Italian NGO Emergency, which runs a hospital in the Afghan capital, reported that 27 injured people were treated there, among them a seven-year-old child. Later, he reported that three wounded succumbed.

“Most of the victims we brought in after the blast inside the mosque have shrapnel injuries and burns.”the non-governmental organization said in an email to AFP.

The representative of the regime of TalibanThe Zabiullah Mujahidwithout giving a specific casualty count either, condemned the bombing on Twitter and called on citizens to “pray for the martyrs”while he explained that the “killers” I will “be punished too soon”.

Earlier, an intelligence official spoke to the Reuters news agency for up to 35 dead and injured, adding that the toll may become heavier. While the television network Al Jazeera reported, citing an official whom he did not name, that the dead are twenty.

Yesterday’s attack comes nearly a week after a Taliban cleric and his brother were killed in a suicide attack on an Islamic seminary in Kabul. The jihadist organization Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack.

The number of attacks in the country has decreased since the Taliban took power a year ago, but they have not stopped. Several bloody actions took place in August, while a series of mainly bomb attacks hit Afghanistan in April, the holy month of Ramadan, and also in late May, killing dozens.

IS claimed responsibility for most of these actions, which targets members of Shia minorities (Sufis, Sikhs…), as well as the Taliban.

The latter assure that they have crushed the jihadist organization in the country and that they have arrested dozens of its members. But analysts insist that IS still poses the most significant security challenge to Afghanistan’s new regime.

Source: News Beast

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