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Afghanistan: Security Advisers Biden Warned of ‘Serious Danger’ of New Attack

The advisers of the American president Joe Biden he was warned today that the next few days of the release mission from Afghanistan will be the more dangerous so far, according to a White House official, broadcasts the APE BPE.

The warnings were made during Biden’s meeting in the White House Operations Room with national security advisers, military and diplomatic officials. after the attack of the Islamic State in which at least 92 people were killed, between them 13 American soldiers.

Advisers told President Biden that he was another attack in Kabul possible, even if (the Americans) are making plans to hit the ISIS-K organization, in response to the first incident, according to the official.

In this context, Biden even gave full warranty to U.S. military commanders to carry out operations against the goals of the organization Islamic State of Khorasan (ISIS-K), after the suicide attack of the organization.

“Our commanders briefed the president and vice-president on the plans against ISIS-K. The President reiterated to the commanders that he gave them his full approval to conduct an operation and protect our troops, and they all replied that have the means they think they need to act effectively“, The White House announced.

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