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Afghanistan: “We have received a message that there will be a strike at Kabul airport”

For the warning message he received which said it was going to be done terrorist attack at Kabul airport but also for their savagery Taliban 24-year-old activist Kristal Bayat, the woman who became a symbol of the resistance against the Taliban by expelling his wives, spoke from her hideout Afghanistan on the road.

“We received a message two hours before the attack that there was an attack on Kabul airport. This message basically said that as soon as possible if you are somewhere near Kabul airport, you should leave… Of course I can not say that fortunately for me I was not there because there were many citizens who did not know this , targeted, but the message we received from the intelligence services and other services was that ISIS is there and we should leave. ” revealed Crystal Bayat, speaking to Mega about what preceded the deadly explosions at Kabul airport.

“We have received a message from our team that the Taliban are claiming that “ISIS is close to the airport and how should we leave because a strike is going to happen?” said the woman.

“When the Taliban left Afghanistan, I was four years old λοιπόν so I did not know what kind of behavior they… I only listened to the painful stories from my mother and what my relatives were going through and how they had gone through a dark period in their lives. So one day I was thinking about how I could learn how the Taliban behave. “So I thought the Taliban might have changed,” Bayat said of how she felt about being a female symbol of resistance to the Taliban.

I was told that I was a woman and that I should stay at home

“I was almost certain they would shoot me.” God saved me… but I was shot, along with my friends. When I went out, their attitude towards men was completely different from that of a woman. A boy was talking to the Taliban to allow us to raise our flag. He told him “put it aside and when I spoke to the Taliban they spoke to me in a way that I never expected from the Taliban today. I was told that I was a woman and that I should stay at home and that was what motivated me to keep walking the streets and raising my voice. “If I had not done it that day, maybe millions of Afghan women ‘s dreams would have died and silence would have prevailed forever.”

Describing the first time he left the house and went out on the street to raise the flag He said: “When I left home I said goodbye to my mother and I had no hope. I still wanted my voice to be heard. I encouraged the women not to be silent and speak on behalf of the people of Afghanistan and I mobilized them; I sent them messages and called them. However, out of maybe 100 women, only two or three agreed with me and said “yes, we will come with you”.

As for whether he was afraid, he confessed: “I was scared, I was scared. I was counting my last moments when they started shooting at us. Suddenly they put their cell phones aside and started shooting at me… “As my father is in the military today I am very afraid of him; I left them alone in Afghanistan and left but I am very worried.”

“A whole generation of young people who really fought hard to have a better future and to serve the people and today all of them have left Afghanistan, including myself. “Just to stay alive,” said Crystal Bayat.

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